I'm writing this from a personal perspective as a man a veteran who once suffered at my own hands from and my own head, from addiction. Finding my only refuge in a bottle. Ultimately in choosing life,I found ways to take charge and better prepare myself for the battle in  overcoming my demons. I Also write this from a professional standpoint, as a specialist of fitness and nutrition for well over a decade. 

 Whatever we went through as Marines, what we suffered, survived, and lost. The  trauma left behind, is for each of us unique. For me it was guilt, what if's, regret, living in my head in the past over there, and a feeling of being without purpose or self-worth. Stuck, weak and unable to sleep. 

I had been active my whole life, before enlisting an athlete in high school, I had always trained and of course I got out of the service in great shape. I was lost, at the bottom of a bottle, my absolutely lowest point. Inside I knew all along what I needed to do - stop destroying and  numbing myself, eat healthy train consistently not sporadically, stick to it - stay the course. Yes, I knew, but you see the thing was. . .  I didn't  care. I  didn't believe I was worthy of feeling better didn't deserve to be better. I was lost. 

Then one night something very sobering happened, and the next day I decided - I chose life.

 And this began my journey of healing, building and recovery.  I reached out to someone I knew who was a coach a trainer and very successful athlete. I knew I needed to answer to someone higher then myself. I needed accountability, I needed a chain of command. 

He told me he'd only work with me if I was sober, I looked up to him and respected him greatly, so I stopped cold. It sucked for about a week. Then Immediately when the after effects of the booze cleared,I was hooked. Not only was I exhausted by the days end, and I actually got  some form of sleep, but I had structure. I had a regimen again. I knew this, it was exactly what my mind and body needed. Already in school I pursued this as a career at the same time as working my ass of to train eat breath and bleed the exacting regiments he assigned me. 

I believe,we thrive on challenge, we need a mission. What better mission then to work on ourselves to be at our fittest and healthiest to our last breath. 

To be our best we must try to keep our body toxin free. We must fuel our body with quality nutrition. Whole foods that are essential to not only our health and body's muscles, but to our mind. By just adding in essential fatty acids our neurochemistry starts to work the way it was always meant to. The fog lifts and our energy becomes regulated, our head is clear. We think and feel better. Omega 3s DHA EPA have been shown to have a huge impact improving depression and depressive disorders. We don't produce this nutrient - we must get it from food or supplemental resource. Complete protein is also essential, we are a protein feeding machine and require it not only for recovery and building but but also for numerous biological functions. We do not store it like fat or carbs for later, so we must eat it frequently. Complex carbohydrates keep our training performance maximized, our muscles full and muscle in recovery and gain. To top all this off, drink water!! Notsoda juice or energy drinks. Water is essential and keep all the above mentioned in working performance benefit. Nothing out there on the shelves or on the web can replace real food and H2O.

Making this choice the choice of health over sickness, of happiness over despair, of worth over self-doubt all began with basics. Basic food, basic activity, basic priorities.

So make YOUR choice. Choose life! Choose a healthy active and progressive you! 

Advantage Fitness Ltd. 

Jed Wightman SPN CSCS 


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