As I sit here writing this, I am asking the question "Who am I"? I know that I am a broken man, I have weaknesses, I fall short a lot and I am a work in progress, but do those things define me? Do they determine my success or failures or are they just a part of life and need to work through them? I believe its the latter.

These are issue we all have to deal with. I for one know that God has a lot of work to do in me; however I am not who I once was and thank God for that. Even with all the progress I have made in my life the old man still creeps up and attempts to take over, which causes me to stumble and revert back to my old ways. Does that sound familiar? Of course it does, because it happens to the best of us. It's during those times that we begin to question who we are, what we are doing or why are we doing it? I have realized that the question is not who am I instead its what do I need to do? You see the answer of who am I has already been answered, we are a work in progress. We don't just arrive one day, we continue to press for improvement and we will fall flat on our faces along the way, but our failures are not who we are. Our accomplishments are not who we are. I question myself all the time; Who am I to start a company to help others push through their obstacles when I have so many of my own? Who am I to talk about accomplishments when I have failed at so many of my own goals? How many of you are asking those very questions?

Life is a process and no matter where you are in that cycle you always have something to give. We need to stop focusing on our failures and accomplishments; instead focus on the process. Don't get me wrong we should evaluate our failures so that we may learn from them and celebrate our success so we draw strength from them, but never allow those to be the focus. I am reminded of the story about Moses in Exodus 3. When God revealed himself to Moses and called him to action Moses immediately questioned "Who am I God?". Moses focused on himself rather than who he was with God and the process Moses had to go through to accomplish the very thing he was called to do. That is you and I. We will never be 100% ready to execute on the next big task, but learning from our failures and the confidence from our successes we do have the courage to press forward.

Part of the process is preparation. We can pretend to be prepared, but when the time comes for us to step up we will continue to fail and stay there until we actually put in the work. As a veteran I remember many times preparing to execute on my tasks and I never questioned it. I new the risks I had to take yet I had the confidence to go through with it, because of my preparation and, just as important, the brave men and women around me. Surrounding ourselves with the right people is extremely important for our progress. I decided not too long ago that my purpose was too important to me to allow anything or anyone to stand in my way. So, I no longer waste my time with those that deter my focus and only allow those who help build me up close to me. Life is too short to waste time on people that suck the life from you or bring you down. Instead consider being an example from a distance. Honestly, by keeping those people around you end up deflecting those you want to be close to you. 

It's time to focus and enjoy the process more than the destination. Questioning who you are opens the door to confusion, so focus on what actions you need to take to become who you are called to be.

Omar Fuentes - USM Veteran - Semper Fi Project